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Another memoir by Irene Sardanis, Ph.D

Do you believe our lives are shaped by the people we meet?


In Irene Sardanis’s mind, connection is the key to building a better understanding of our world and cultivating a fuller life.


Irene discusses in this new memoir how she’s been able to establish connection in unpredictable ways wherever she goes. For the introverts, the world travelers, and
those seeking fulfilling connections, Irene’s book provides tips on how to build vibrant relationships with everyday and out-of-the-blue strangers.

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A memoir by Irene Sardanis, Ph.D

Danger wasn't just the slum area in the Bronx with the pimps, hookers and hustlers. Danger lay within the tenement where I lived. Danger was my mother.


Irene Sardanis' book Out of the Bronx describes a young woman with Greek parents. Irene is challenged by a mother who dominates and stalks her every move. Irene rebels but finds it impossible to deal with her mother's abuse and control. At age sixteen Irene is referred to a Social Worker who gives her courage to confront her mother and find the door to freedom.

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Book Irene for your next event!

Irene is available for speaking engagements at colleges, senior residences, bookstores and libraries on the subject of "Creative Writing as a Healing Journey," childhood abuse and complex issues with mother/daughter relationships.


The National Herald

Out of the Bronx is a powerful, emotional recounting of Sardanis’ journey, and the unvarnished truth of her experience which is at once so familiar and yet so uniquely her own is moving.



Irene Sardanis is a retired psychologist. She was born in New York City to Greek immigrant parents. 

She has been published five times in the Sun Literary magazine, numerous anthologies, the most recent one, 2016, The Magic of Memoir. She has been invited to read from her memoir chapters, particularly “Carmen Miranda.”

She has attended writing conferences in San Miguel de Allende, Mendocino, California, Key West, Florida and Catamaran Writers Conference in Pebble Beach, California.

For the last fifteen years she has attended Elizabeth Fishel’s Wednesday Women’s Writing classes and her writer’s retreat at Mesa Refuge in Tomales Bay. She has also taken classes with Laura Davis, Charlotte Cook and Mark Greenside.

She resides in Oakland, California with her wonderful husband, John.


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